Tow Tractor, model TA-8

The Tow Tractor, model TA-8 is a compact and robust vehicle designed especially for pulling/pushing and positioning of ancillary units in airports, docks and industrial plants as well as aircraft at airbases or at airports, with a dbp of 8.000 lbs (3.650 Kgs)

Since the tractors operate in and around aircraft, they have been equipped with special characteristics which give them excellent maneuverability, such as a very small turning radius, hydraulic steering, four-fold brake system and hydrostatic transmission for milimetric precise movements.

The unit complies with the norm EN-12312-15.

The tow tractor can be supplied with a wide range of options, such as open or closed cabin with or without heating, inching control at rear to facilitate hitching operations, Oil Management System for automatic checks/topping up, front tow hook, tow hook can be operated by driver from lever inside cabin, etc